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Designing for publishing tools

Whether it’s a simple feature update or a brand new application, the design of tools is complex. Chorus, the product I’ve worked on over the past few years, is an ecosystem of tools to support all facets of modern media, like story creation, asset management, analytics, and ads. Any change made to one tool affects another. Both user experience and designing for scale are at the forefront of every design decision we make.

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Creating a design system

After nearly three years we are excited to share that we are nearing completion of two core applications on Chorus using and contributing to Resonance, with more teams onboarding soon. The road to get here has been a learning experience and we feel that our products and workflows are finally seeing the benefits of using a design system. We’re excited to share some of what we’ve learned.

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TechGirls visit Vox Media

Vox Product hosted a group of four teenage girls from Algeria, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco for a day of job shadowing and workshops. They are part of an initiative called TechGirls – an international exchange program led by the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs designed to empower young girls from the Middle East and North Africa to pursue careers in science and technology.