Below are a few highlights of events and workshops I've worked on over the years that are grounded in the way technology communities form and collaborate. 

SND Makes

Source: @mitchthorson (left) , @emmajanehw (right)

Source: @mitchthorson (left) , @emmajanehw (right)

SNDMakes is a 2.5-day rapid prototyping events that uses the principles of design-thinking to develop solutions for modern news and media companies. The event helps brings together a diverse range of developers, designers, journalists, and managers to collaborate on solutions around a current media problem. I helped co-direct events in D.C, Austin, Chicago, and San Francisco working with partners ranging from Code for America to Cards Against Humanity. 

Pixel Punch


Pixel Punch is a competition where participants battle out their design skills with timed challenges. It stems from Design Battle a student version that I started with AIGA-GMU and carried over to Vox Media who helped host a professional version. The purpose of the event is to showcase local talent to the rest of the DC community. View 2014 and 2015 recaps here. 


Shipping products and culture are two constantly debated and talked about topics in tech. I helped organized panels that invited designers, engineers and directors from larger media companies such as NPR and Washington Post to smaller agencies such as Viget to discuss how they implement these practices in their teams and workplaces. 

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